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In the early nineties I started together with a friend a course waterpainting. A very long time ago at school I've done some examinations in arthistory and drawing. Lateron I started playing with oilpaint and just some drawing. Waterpainting was a quite new experience for me.

When you use oilpaint, everything you put down on the board or canvas will stay at exactly the same place. When using waterpaint, you put something on the paper, you turn around once, and it has completely changed from what you had in mind. Learning to accept having no control over everything and learning to make use of what appears on the paper have been thoroughly lessons for me.

My first experience was under the inspiring influence of Ien Hazebroek. Except that she tought me a lot, we also had a very nice and pleasant time on her courses. That's why I regret it a lot that the last few years I lack the time to do anything with it. 

[kBamboe.jpg]    [kBloesem.jpg]    [kHang.jpg]    [kBloem.jpg]     [kRoos.jpg]

Because I've been to China a few times, I also tried to make something in a chinese style. But I never focused on a specific style, but just did what I felt like at such a moment. That explains the difference (in case you wanted any explanation). 

  [kzonnebloem.jpg]    [kWilg.jpg]    [kPaal.jpg]    [kHemd.jpg]    [kFles.jpg]

For now everybody must be curious about what I learned and have done, I have placed some examples of what I have made when I still had the time. Before all the critics appear, I never had the idea to be an artist, nor that I ever would be one. It is just a hobby....! And for an enlargement, just click on them.

AnD PLEaSE SIGN mY gUEstboOk !!!

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