After a 7 hours drive arrived at Hemmoor/Kreidesee in Germany. Although we're both not to good in the German language, and most German people are not to good in the English language, we were perfectly served! Together we managed to put up a real tent! We're really pleased with both the tent and ourselves. Afterwards we took a glance at E1, but it loooked so tempting, we decided to go for diner.

Diner was great and comfortable, but after having payed the camping, we only had 50DM left, and you couldn't pay with creditcard... But it was no problem to return the next day to pay the bill. Back on the camping it was dark already, so we drank something and decided to go to sleep. Too bad that german people aren't provided with a mute button! By the way, it was raining a big deal, but we stayed dry in our tent, so it really is a good tent!.

[khem01.jpg]        [kgras.jpg]                  [kiris.jpg]        [khem02.jpg]

This morning we stayed in bed late. After waking up strated with a cup of coffee, too little water, too much coffee, not hot enough... ate a sandwich and got prepared for the first dive. We took the bus to E1 (al those Germans walking is their business, we're on holiday!) and climbed in our drysuits. We were thinking and calculating about the amount of lead, consequently, we both had far too much! But it didn't matter that much. We had a beautiful dive, only following the road, ended up way beyond 30 meters, and returned through the higher situadted woods. At E2 we emerged. The beautiful weather invited us to complete the stretch from E2 to E1 on our backs at the surface. Slowly finished up the dive, brought our bottles to fill and laid everything to get dry near our tent.

[khem03.jpg]        [kbierfles.jpg]                         [kmooi.jpg]        [khem05.jpg]

In the afternoon we went to the town of Hemmoor. After all we had to get some more DM. And we needed some supplies. Back on the camping we collected our stuff once again. I already had decided to go in a wetsuit, but Iris preferred a drysuit. We collected the tanks and went to E4. Really a beautiful surrounding! Just for the fun of it you would take a walk, but never with your diving gear! At the end of the road was a big fence. And then it is still a long walk to E4... But although we didn't like the long walk that much, it was very attractive, so Iris decided to go in wetsuit afterall. (It's easier to walk...)

[khem06.jpg]        [koooh.jpg]                  [kwoopie.jpg]        [khem07.jpg]

The dive was fabulous! On depth (below 15 meter) it became a bit more cool, so a bit up to get warm again and to enjoy some more. Once in the water be both noticed the air tasted dreadful. But on a campingsite there is little to no choice, so we brought the bottles once again. But before I could complain about the air, we were told the compressor was broken down. We were advised to fill the bottles at the divestation in Hemmoor. Up till then we didn't know it existed... Next filling would be for free!

[khem08.jpg]        [kplant.jpg]                  [ksfeer.jpg]        [khem11.jpg]

First some arraging in the disarranged stuff around and in our tent. Then on our way to the divestation. There were only about 30 bottles ahead of us... We were offered to go first, but we didn't want to do a nightdive, so we wouldn't be collecting them before the next morning. So back to the restaurant where we still had to pay a bill, after diner back for an aerly sleep enjoying german humpapa and hilaric German people...

[khem13.jpg]        [kstruik.jpg]                  [ktakalg.jpg]        [khem15.jpg]

Waking up in the tent makes you feel like lying in a sauna. The coffee is improving, breakfast was good, and mentally we were preparing us for the "Rüttler". When we were ready, we first collected our tanks, and drove straight through to E3. First viewing the water, which implies descending 3 flights of stairs, steep stairs, and ascending them afterwards. And doing the same again with full diving gear. Especially for me... 

[khem16.jpg]    [khek.jpg]                  [kspiegel.jpg]        [khem17.jpg]

We had a discussion about the beacons, but once in the water we saw a line guiding us directly to the Rüttler. We stayed there a little while to see everything before we started to descend through the Rüttler till below 40 meters. Even there it is possible to dive without a lamp! But it is getting very cold, so we got up little by little. On low level playing in the woods, and finally ending where we started. And climbing all those stairs once again...

After the dive we've been relaxing. When it turned 5 o'clock we wanted to fill our bottles again, but the compressor was stil unserviceable. So once again to the divestation. While waiting for the tanks, we decided to go to Cuxhaven in stead of another dive. We wanted to take a stroll along the shore. We did so, but it isn't that great. Just a very short piece of sand, the rest is paved. Very funny to see were the old beachbenches. From there on we went to search for the city centre to eat something. We found a very nice place with very good food. But sitting in the restaurant became hotter and hotter. We were relieved when we got out. So on our way back we decided to take one more dive that day. So after a sanitary stop straight on to E1. Ofcourse we were the only divers, and it all looked very promising. And that promise was met. Lots of fish, very good visibility and a nice temperature. Back at the tent we drank something and went to bed on a practically deserted camping ground.

  [kvis.jpg]                  [kvis2.jpg]        [khem19.jpg]

Like on holidays mandatory, we woke up at a nice time. After very good coffee (we're learning every day) and breakfast once again tried to get our tanks filled. All problems were solved, we just had a little battle to fight to get our free filling. (But we're Dutch afterall).  But we succeeded!

[khem20.jpg]        [kijzer.jpg]                  [kijzer2.jpg]        [khem21.jpg]

Straight on to E3. We hoped for less divers, consequently less dust and a bettert visibility. (15 meters is almost limited visibility...) There were some more divers, but really perfect visibility. And I had brought the video. And within a drysuit it was once again a struggle to take those stairs. The water was nice cool. Neither of us wore trousers, which I liked very much, but was a little too cold for Iris at 30 meters (watertemperature +4,6C). 

[khem26.jpg]        [kgokken.jpg]                  [kkabelrol.jpg]        

We went through the Rüttler down, and came the same way up. At about 8 meters, above the last thermocline, we went for a swim through the woods. I really taped a lot of fish in the woods. Wonderful! Back at the tent, first some relaxation, then to the village for some shopping. There wasn't much choice of BBQ meat, so we decided to eat some french fries. But we bought some good stuff for the lunch. After the shopping to E1. On our way to the village we've discussed the optiuon of E5, but a walk of 750 meters was too much in our little holiday. 

[kzontak.jpg]          [kpontone3.jpg]

At E1 we had a nice outdoor lunch in the grass. Iris had to walk back to the toilet. But once getting ready to dive, she disciovered having left her shoes at the tent. So just another walk... Too bad. And when Iris was almost returned, I foudn out I left my cap at the tent. My summersuit has a fixed hood, but I had torn it. I fixed it with glue, but glue needs to dry... So I had to dive in my other wetsuit. And never tought about a cap. But I'm a bit lazy, so I went without a cap.  Thjat was nog problem at all.

[kvis3.jpg]          [kvissen.jpg]

In stead of going straught ahead at the polo, we now turned left. Something completely different. A long stretch along a cliff, continuously accompanied by fishes. A little bit higher, almost on the ridge of the cliff, we went back. A lovely dive once again. On our way back we delivered our bottles for a possible next dive, but first we had to relax at the tent.

[khem28.jpg]        [khem29.jpg]

But also relaxing has to end some time, food is a necessity. Just some fastfood, french fries and fricadel at PommiPaul. The french fries were different from what we are used to, but nevertheless delicious. The fricadel was a big surprise. It was a meatball with onions crushed to a disc form with mustard. And everything together with some real cold coke! Lots better than the coke from the tent: 30 degrees celsius...

[khem30.jpg]        [khem31.jpg]

Time for some more nice coffee at the tent. Regarding our dives this day and the very long surface interval we decided that our last dive at Hemmoor had to be a special one. We wanted to go along E1, because the getting into the water is so very simple. But we were also very intrigued by the cliff. We wanted to see where it ended. And both of us in wetsuits!

[khem32.jpg]        [khem25.jpg]        [khem24.jpg]        [khem27.jpg]

So we did. But once at 45 meters and a temperature of 3.6C we decided to go up again. Slowly, very much enjoying the wall, which was very colourfull due to remains of former labour. Once getting in warm water again, we went to the street. One last thoroughly investigation of the polo and we had our last dive finished in a wonderful way!

[krichels.jpg]                  [kvlakte.jpg]

At the tent one last round of coffee. Just in time before the thunderstorm. We even had time to get our stuff in safety (i.e. dry). After some sanitary business in the tent listened to the falling rain, enjoying a well deserved drink!

[khem22.jpg]        [khem23.jpg]

The next day had even higher temperatures than the previous days. It was a pity, especially when standing in the Stau at Bremen for an hour and a half... That made our way bakc another 7 hours drive... But it really was worth it!


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