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In september/oktober 2000 diving club SEAHORSE from Alphen aan de Rijn went with almost 40 people to Hurghada. A first report, made by others, follows below. 


By Glenn Kauw, Ton Regeer and Koos Vlaar.

According the HBFD (Hurghadian Bureau For Dive-tourism)  serious damage has been brought to the divingtourism industry of Hurghada due dubious activities of a fast, although up till now unknown diver. Members of the club Seahorse Diving from Alphen aan den Rijn (Holland), about 40 persons, reported having seen repeatedly sharks, turtles, moray eels etc. Species, as everyone knows, which do not inhabit the Red Sea. Egyptian biologes could not explain the fenomen after a thourough scientific research. Nevertheless, some things became more clear, when some hidden navyseals saw an elderly man in his late fifties with grey hair and only dressed in a string and a t-shirt with a camel on the back diving around with enlarged pictures of above mentioned animals. In the sandy seabottom pictures of smaller fishes and seahorses were fixed with little kebabsticks. Everything was apparently meant to astonish the members of the divingclub by presenting many beautiful "natural" sealife and in this way to make sure their holidays would be a succes. The impostor was due to his speed not catchable and could not be arrested. He appeared to be a very experienced diver, with a very good kick. There's a suspection that the man involved is one of the organisators of the holiday.

[lf1.jpg]                [lf2.jpg]                 [lk1.jpg]              [mor1.jpg]

The HBVD reacted quite angry to questions concerning this incident and has the meaning that in a very cruel way the so-called honesty of every person enjoying underwatersports in this region has been violated. It's verry disappointing that in the interest of employment none local workers were engaged. Anyway, a local diver should heve had a preference. Now the bureau expects a drop of the amount of dive-tourists and the coherent dimishing hard fought for relative wealth in the area.

{be1.jpg]               [bf1.jpg]                  [mor2.jpg]              [mp1.jpg]

The mayor of this peaceful little village on the Red Sea coast with its friendly people ordered a thoroughly investigation in case of this fraude. At the regional airport men started searching for proove. All the suitcases of departing organisators of divetrips had to be opened, and its contents was examined. Unfortunately without any succes.

[bss1.jpg]        [bss2.jpg]              [gr1.jpg]             [sd1.jpg]

We've been diving with Easy Divers, and enjoyed a wonderful captain. The dives were led by Keith. Whatever there was to see was video-taped by Thomas, and with great expectations we're waiting for the results. While we (Tjeerd and I) saw underneath the water all kinds of divers passing by, on board we were greeted with smiling ladies...

[pic1.jpg]                            [sl1.jpg]                          [sn1.jpg]

Some of the divesites we have visited are: Small Giftun, Sha'ab Sabrina, Ota Abu Ramada, Sha'ab Ishta, Abu Hashish, Fanous East and South Abu Ramada.

[tr1.jpg]                            [tr2.jpg]                          [wk1.jpg]

Who remembers that lovely diner at Nelson's restaurant named SPUR? The food was delicious (I think) and to help everyone to remeber, here some of eaters...

[kdirk.jpg] [kguid.jpg] [haas.jpg] [kerk.jpg] [mar.jpg] [san.jpg] [ton.jpg] 

AnD PLEaSE SIGN mY gUEstboOk !!!

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