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JULI 2002

DUTCH version

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As usual we left on tuesday, just the two of us. Iris brought us to Schiphol, which was very pleasant, but still a pity Iris and Sander couldn't come along. Next year, antoher chance. 

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To my surprise it was rwally to hot, Even for the egyptians there was a heatwave!

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Maar goed dat we verkoeling in het water konden zoeken.

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There ain't too much new to tell about Hurghada. Ofcourse we stayed in the Shedwan Golden Beach hotel and ofcourse we were diving with Aquanaut. Remarkable was the quietness at the Peanuts Bar, apparently bothered by Papa's II. 

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And the Belgian restaurant was closed. But we still had the Argentinian, the Libanon and the Italian restaurants.

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But the most remarkable is that we got engaged. We celebrated it extendedly, which made another day of rest half way the week necessary. But in the extreme heat we could only stay on the beach under a parasol, even the water didn't cool us. So we held the siesta in an airco room. 

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The dives were once again lovely and terrific, and we've seen "everything" once again. Johan took pictures of it all, while I was using the video. 

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We did get have the hotel in panic. We were used to go to Ali Baba right after the diving to drink a Sakara, then before the diner a Sakara and in the evening before going to sleep a Sakara (or two...). Unfortunately they ran out of Sakara on saturday.

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We had o nag a lot, they were troubled a lot (because I don't like Stella and don't want to drink coca cola the whole evening) because we went to other places. They kept on promising to have Sakara the next time we entered. Even when we were elsewhere, the manager came to apologize and tell us there would be Sakara next time we got in. But only on tuesday, the day we went home, a boy with a plastic bag came in with 6 Sakara. And then we were obliged to drink it...

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Naturally we went for some shopping. Not just engagementrings, but also some t-shirts and presents for everybody. And we smoked quite some waterpipes. 

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