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 Early in the morning we left for Schiphol to have a week holiday. Tjeerd stayed at our place, so he was well on time. At 09.45 a.m. we had to check in, 10.30 a.m. was boarding time. Luckily Rob and Wouter made it, they arrived at 10.15 a.m.... Nevertheless the flight went quick and smooth and we arrived in Egypt at a reasonable time. As usual we were obliged to book half pension, and as usual we didn't use the diner facilities. In stead we enjoyed the real egyptian food, at the Argentinian steakhouse, the Libanon dinerhouse en the Italian restaurant.

[kjohtajbank.jpg] [kjohlib.jpg] [kwoulib.jpg] [ktajlib.jpg] [kirko01.jpg] [kirko02.jpg] [kmintthee.jpg] [kgarn.jpg] [ktoka.jpg]

In Hurghada they invented something new in the restaurants: "flaming coffee". Quite a ritual to make an Irish Coffee, but very nice to look at. Tjeerd just used to enjoy the minttea, while the capuccino also had a very good taste. Once we even went through the trouble to go to Nelson, but it wasn't what it used to be. And in the evening the waterpipe was smoked by everyone while Tjeerd and Amke played backgammon.

[knelson01.jpg] [knelson02.jpg] [kpijpen01.jpg] [kpijpen02.jpg] [kpijpen03.jpg] [kpijpen04.jpg] [kroken01.jpg] [kroken02.jpg] [kbackg.jpg] [kaqbord.jpg]

Ofcourse we also did some diving, by all means that was the reason to go to Hurghada in the first place. And ofcourse we dived with Aquanaut. The first day, we saw dolphins every day, and several days we saw turtles, who all look nice on the photo's and the video. Other appliances, such as GPS and GSM were also much used, however, not under water.

[kwourob.jpg] [ktajok.jpg] [kamvid.jpg] [kdolf01.jpg] [kdolf02.jpg] [kdolf03.jpg] [kdolf04.jpg] [kschild01.jpg] [kschild02.jpg] [kschld03.jpg] [kgpsgsm.jpg]

We noticed there were really many yellifish. Some moments at an average of 2 meters depth, you had to swim through a bunch of them. Apart from this kind of encounters we had seen an awful lot more. Actually too much to mention, so here is a little impression on photo's.

[kkwal.jpg] [kkwallen.jpg] [kanvis01.jpg] [kanvis02.jpg] [kbaars.jpg] [kduif.jpg] [keel.jpg] [kgoudvisjes.jpg] [kpicasso.jpg] [kgoudvisjes02.jpg] [kgoudvisjes03.jpg] [kkeizers.jpg] [kkoffer01.jpg] [kkoffer02.jpg] [kkoffer03.jpg] [knaald01.jpg] [knaald02.jpg] [kpaps.jpg] [kpapvuur.jpg]  [krog.jpg] [kroodst.jpg] [kvlinders01.jpg] [kvlinders02.jpg] [kwaaierkoraal.jpg] [kwimpels01.jpg] [kwimpels02.jpg] [kzwartevis.jpg] [kzwartstip.jpg]

We all had one non-diving day, except for Wouter and Rob, they wanted to use the last day to visit the pyramids. Whether Rob was really into it is unknown, but we saw Rob a lot in that pose... We waited for them in the harbour to make them feel at home again. The worst homesickness was fought by the presence of a lot of Mozes-look-a-like cats. On our last day, the travelling day, we first caught up with some sleep, so we could only have breakfast at Ali Baba's. Some of the gentlemen enjoyed beer at breakfast, consisting of pizza... Thanks a lot that there were also omelets! To shorten the time we went shopping. Tjeerd wanted something for the bellydancing, but everything you buy, you must first try on. Then we declared Rob an half-Egyptian because he wanted to bargain. Our day was made!

[krobactief.jpg] [kaank01.jpg] [kjohaven.jpg] [knepmoos.jpg] [kontb.jpg] [kontb02.jpg] [ktajbuik.jpg]

Finaaly we arrived in the mid of "koninginnenach". Came to a rest? No! Had lots of fun? YES!

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