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[nbali01.jpg] BALI INDONESIA 1999[nbali02.jpg]

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In the spring of 1999 I went with a coworker to Indonesia, Bali. Just before that holiday I had bought my first underwatercamera at the duikvaker. That's why the foto's aren't that wonderful. The few foto's that were really good are unfindable after 5 years... 

[nbali11.jpg] [nbali12.jpg] [nbali13.jpg] [nbali14.jpg] [nbali15.jpg] [nbali10.jpg]

Actually it was just a normal springholiday, so I only booked 2 days diving. At one sight really a pity, because I still think it were the most beautiful dives I ever made, especially due to the colours, which I've never seen ever after, not even in the Red Sea. Om the other hand, it was really expensive: $100 a day! 

[nbali16.jpg] [nbali17.jpg] [nbali18.jpg] [nbali19.jpg] [nbali20.jpg] [nbali21.jpg]

One thing I do remeber very well, is that during one dive a fish stayed near me all the time. And every time I left the camera to focus on a subject, the fish swam right in front of the lens. Reslut: of the 36 exposures, 20 were of that fish, all unsharp. I think it was a reincarnation of a fotomodel. 

[nbali22.jpg] [nbali23.jpg] [nbali24.jpg] [nbali25.jpg] [nbali26.jpg]

Nevertheless I didn't want to withold this unsharp impression of the underwaterlife in Indonesia. As far as I remenber I went diving at the Tulamben wreck and at Menjahan Island.

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