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On a tuesday we left for Sharm el Sheik to catch some sun and make some dives. The flight was good and quick, and when the egyptian evening fell we landed. The transfer from the airport to Pigeon House was also quick, because we were the first hotel. 

Checking in was a quick process, and although on the fouchers was written "Attention, you're staying in straw cabins", we were given a good room. Not special, but good enough with a reasonable bathroom. No complaints from our side... 

[zrestaurant.jpg] [zlounche.jpg] [zgang.jpg] [zkamer.jpg] [zlounche%20overdag.jpg]

That first night we decided to have diner in the hotel. Afterwards a drink and then to bed. We weren't asleep for a long time when the knocking on the door woke us up. I thought: I'm asleep and don't hear a thing, but Thomas opened the door. There was a story about us having the wrong room and that we had to move. Ofcourse not, not in the middle of the night when we're sleeping!

[znog%20steeds%20vroeg.jpg] [zSlam.jpg] [zvroeg.jpg] [zwachten.jpg] [zdiner.jpg]

The next morning we asked about it at the reception. Well, they've put us in a superior room (oh?????) and we had booked a standard room (oh!). When we asked for the differences, we heard the rooms were smaller (never mind) and there was no bathroom, bathroom and toilet had to be shared with others (oh!). Naturally that last part did matter to me, and luckily Thomas also didn't like the idea, so we agreed to pay extra for the "superior" room and keep our own bathroom. Apparently a good decision, there were double as much standard rooms as superior rooms, and only 2 douches and 2 toilets...

[zandc.jpg] [zhaven.jpg] [zgoud04.jpg] [zgoud05.jpg] [zgoud06.jpg]

The evening we arrived we already met the Anemone Divers, which is located right around the corner. So in the morning we could carry all our diving gear down and start our first day. That day there were only 3 divers at Anemone Divers, so we were scheduled in on another boat. In Sharm there are 2 harbours and all diving clubs have their boats in one of the harbours. That means you always have to go by minibus or an old jeep to the harbour. It wasn't a problem, at AD we could wait with all our stuff...

[ztom.jpg] [zopboot.jpg] [zontbijt.jpg] [zlunch.jpg] [zkok.jpg]

That first day we have been diving at “Strait of Tiran” on Woodhouse Reef and Thomas Reef. Wonderfull dives. But there they give the opportunity to make 3 dives a day. No offence, but the surface interval between the first and second dive is most of the time only an hour, or one and a half and it are all deep dives. So I decided to skip the second dive and do the third, to give me some more interval, but mostly even not more than 3,5 hours.

[zgrouper01.jpg] [zmooi01.jpg] [zmur01.jpg] [zmur02.jpg] [zpap01.jpg]

The second day were “local” dives, at the Tower and the Lighthouse. This day I had another buddy, called Cambiz. And the third day was an ultimo: Ras Mohammed! After the first dive at Ras Ghozlani, I decided to take 3 dives that day, because everything was so beautiful! The second dive was at Shark Reef/Yolanda Reef and the third at Ras Za’atar. These dives I have made with Lars.

[zfluit01.jpg] [zgeel01.jpg] [zgoud01.jpg] [zgoud02.jpg] [zgoud03.jpg]

The following day was something I've been looking forward to: Thistlegorm! It really was tremendous. The wreck lies at maximum 31 meters depth, and also thanks to the short interval time, it were 2 decompression dives, which I made together with Jimmy. At the end of the second dive we even saw a shark swimming beneath enormous tunafishes. The Thistlegorm made a big impression on me, all those jeeps, motors and boots... It takes little fantasy to imagine all kind of things with it!

[zthis01.jpg] [zthis02.jpg] [zthis03.jpg] [zthis04.jpg] [zthis05.jpg]

At night we went to a party. It wasn't worth calling it a party, but there was a real good band playing. We were supposed to meet Jim and Layla there and some people from AD. We have seen some people from AD, but Jim and Layla had cancelled the date.

[feestband.jpg] [zstappen.jpg] [zstappen2.jpg]

The fifth day was again “Strait of Tiran”. Once again Thomas Reef, the second dive I've skipped, the third was on Ras Gamela. Vaz was my buddy that day, and that night we all agreed to meet at the Camel Bar, wherte we all had a nice time.

[zblauw01.jpg] [zegel01.jpg] [zwimpel01.jpg] [zbemanning.jpg]

The day after, our last diving day already, we went once again to Ras Mohamed. The first dive was with Rohina, who just had her licens, at Shar Reef/Yolanda Reef. The second dive was at Jackfish Alley and the third and last one of this holiday was on Ras Gollali. We look back on all beautiful dives!

[zpuffer01.jpg] [zrood01.jpg] [zvis01.jpg] [zwaaier01.jpg] [zwaaier02.jpg]

At night we went with Vaz and Olivia for diner. Vaz suggested us a fishrestaurant and suggested the menu. It really was a good choice, but it had only 2 disadvanages: no alcohol was served and all the fish were still intact. For who knows me well, knows what that means to me....

[zdiner2.jpg] [zuitrustt.jpg] [zuitrusten.jpg]

That last day we were allowed to stay in the room till 4 o'clock because we were picked up at half past 4. Very nice! So this last day we spend to pay averything (the diving and the hotel), to do some shopping and to drink something in airconditioned spaces to flee from the heat.


Right on time we were picked up, but on the airport it appears we had a delay of 1,5 hours. Not so nice. But once on the plain, the last row stayed empty, so I could lay down and sleep!

[zterugreis.jpg] [zcontact.jpg]

All foto's above water and the foto's of the Thistlegorm are made by Thomas. My film from above water is still in the camera and at the thistlegorm I only have done video.


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