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Dutch tourist detained till 2.30 a.m. at policestation in Alanya.

ALANYA - In the night of february 1st 2002 were the dutch divers E.K. and R.v.d.V. for several hours detained at the policestation in Alanya. After the friendly soccermatch Turkey-Netherlands it appeared E.K.'s wallet had disappeared. At first the thought was "forgotten in the hotel", but also there was no sign of it. A consequent search action with the help of a dive-lamp didn't bring any relief. In a local pub the police was told of the incident, and there had to be waited for their arrival. Some beers later they arrived and an endless discussion started.  At the end of all it was necessary to go to the policestation to file a complaint. As a true buddy R.v.d.V. volunteered to go with E.K. while the rest of the divers waited in the pub. At 2 oçlock the pub closed and they went to the hotel to wait for both men.


At the policestaion it appeared that filing the complaint wasn't that easy. 

And when finally succeeded, the officer hit a wrong button and had to start all over again. But the biggest disaster was that there was no toiletpaper at all at the policestation. The pieces of paper that were offered where all of a wrong structure and wouldn't satisfy the purpose.But at the end there was a solution found and this also could be accomplished.


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Tourist meets son-in-law [ovhang.jpg] Undercover action new officer
ALANYA - A dutch tourist, getting acquainted with someone in a restaurant got scared the hell out of him. The boy told the man about his girlfriend  in the Netherlands. After some talking he showed a picture of the girl. The tourist became deadly pale when recognizing his own and only daughter in the picture.   Azak Beach/Alanya harbour- A guest staying in hotel Azak Beach discovered heaving forgotten something on a boat in the harbour of Alanya. Together with his roommateshe decided to walk to the harbour. Both on the way to as on the way from the harbour they were followed by an undercover agent disguised as a dog. The local authority doesn't any comments.

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Turkey - Netherlands remains undecided in favour of the guestland [rodevisjes.jpg] [rodevisjes2.jpg] New diveleader appointed
ALANYA - Wednesday evening on the soccergrounds of Alanya a friendly soccergame has been played between Turkey and the Netherlands. This game, at first organised by Hassan from hotel Azak Beach (who later appeared not to be present) was played by 4 dutch gentlemen accompanied by Hassan from the leatherbusiness against Murat from restaurant Maestro en 4  other "Young Turks". At this game, "Our boys" played a very good game. Especcially the somewhat older K.V. appeared to be a real ball-miracle. The from Ajax wellknown R.v.d.V. disappointed somewhat by being afraid to comromise his contract. L.S. in the goal, kept the goal perfect closed! E.K. gave each ball all his power direct to the goal. Probably the others scored just a little bit more... The last dive from Dutch divers with Dolphin Dive was a very special dive. After being observed for a while, the boss from D.D. has decided that K.V. has all the

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abilities necessary to be a good diveleader. Being told this, K.V. gave the divers a marvellous last dive. Besides lots of octopusses and murenes he arranged esspecially for the young R.v.d.V. a mermaid!

Coca Cola completely on top


Azak Beach - After a long time waiting for some mates, enjoying lots of beer, mister K.V. decided to make his last drink a coca cola. On the moment he got sight of this drink, he decided to enjoy it on the balconny.

With horror the remaining buddys some the aboved mentioned mister grasping for the glass and taking the stairs to the fourth floor. Enormous their surprise when it seemed he didn't spill a drop! Glory to  K.V.

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Drainage problems [ronald.jpg] Tourist fooled!

ALANYA - The inhabitants of Alanya didn't know what was coming to them this week. Unexplained all toilets throughout Alanya were broken.


Later on it appeared that a dutch tourist of male sexe had some problems causing him to upset the whole drainage system in Alanya. As a consequence the local inhabitants had to go to the sea in a boat to do their needs.  [ronald2.jpg] [ronald3.jpg] [rups.jpg]

ALANYA - During some heavy drinking in a local pub, the serving waiter was so fed up with the jokes of a tourist, he decided to get back at him. With an old, but very succesfull joke he knew how to embarrass the tourist. [koosbroek.jpg]


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Perfect week in Turkey

ALANYA - Five dutch divers have been for a week holiday in Alanya, Turkey, from january 26th till february 2nd. There they have made a varying numbers of dives, from 10 till 14. Some specials were the wreck of the catamaran, lots of caves and a beautiful nightdive. There were many and even very big octopusses. And many murenes. And the many schools of fish. The deepest dive was 34,5 meters the shallowest dive 25 meters. The shortest dive was 35 minutes, the longest 45 minutes, the average divetime was 40 minutes. The watertemperature was 17 à 18 degrees Celsius. The weather was sunny, clear sky, 25 degrees Celsius during the day, 14 degrees Celsius in the evening. The beer was delicious and much, the food was wonderful. Except for the catering on the flight...

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Turkish Basar  Vaseline feels good
ALANYA - The wellknown Ismael of  Dolphin Dive (see article elshwere in this paper) is having coming saturday one of his basars. As every last saturday of the month, he sells everything he has found underwater. This time he has a complete gardenset: chairs, table and parasol, and a complete collection of lead. The authorities encourage this. This originally comes from the Netherlands: 


ALANYA - As always in this searesort, the sell of leatherproduct goes well. In the start of the season it keeps an eye on the addenda. Vaseline gives many opportunities. A cup standard vaseline is at the drugstore very cheap but if you make it many little cups, you can sell them for a lot of many as "special leather care" to tourists when bying something as a leather jacket. You can charge up to 50DM using the words: Vaseline feels good!

[krant.jpg]  ALANYA - During a dive, made by dutch tourists with the locally famous Dolphin Dive, a life is spared. By the even nowadays moving and storting rocks a shark was squeezed by two blocks. After the first fright the curiousity came up front and they decided to take a closer look. To their surprise they saw an unexpected shark squeezed. After first taking a photo as evidence, the liberated the heavely wounded fish, hoping that nature will be its best doctor. After having told the story to anyone who wanted to hear, the next day reporters and a photograph were at the door. See the article next to this!

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