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Alanya 2003

As a present we celebrated Johan's

birthday in Turkye, Alanya.

dutch version

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We tought we were entitled to another week away. And because it was Johan's birthday, I gave it to him as a present. But a third holiday in only six months had to be low budget. That's how we ended up in Özcakil, "ons huis". Terrific hotel! Johan got a gift from the personel for his birthday and they even had a bellydancer! (Perhaps not especially for Johan's birthday...)

[ldd01.jpg] [lddboot01.jpg] [lbriefing.jpg] [lismael.jpg] [lrups01.jpg] [lzeester.jpg] [lkruis.jpg] [lankerlijn01.jpg]  

Offcourse we were diving with Dolphin Dive, after all I had very good experiences with them. Some of the people were "old acquaintances" to me, like Ismael, the "porrende turk". In contrary to the last time we were diving with a large boat. And there were may intro-dives, and many many russians.

[lamphora01.jpg] [lamphora02.jpg] [lamphora03.jpg] [lamphora04.jpg] [lanegrot01.jpg] [lgrot01.jpg] [lgrot02.jpg] [lgrot04.jpg]  

Turkye is well know for it's many amphora's, but also for it's beautiful caves. Besides that a lot of fish, like murenes and octopusses, big and small. And we have visited the wreck.

[lvisjes01.jpg] [lvisjes02.jpg] [lvissies01.jpg] [lvissies02.jpg] [lwrak01.jpg] [lwrak02.jpg] [lwrak03.jpg] [lwrak04.jpg]   

Above the water we also had a very good time. Delicious food and lots of parties. Every now and then so bad, the hotel ran out of beer. But luckily there's a super across the street, open 24 hours a day, so at 3 a.m. beer could be bought.The final baraccount in the hotel was the same amount as the whole holiday...

[ljoh01.jpg] [lwrak06.jpg] [lwrak07.jpg] [lwrak08.jpg] [locto01.jpg] [locto02.jpg] [locto03.jpg] [locto04.jpg]

But the diving was very relaxing and really enjoyable. I could enjoy all the anemones and lots of snails. All together we've had a wonderful holiday.

[lslak01.jpg] [lslak02.jpg] [lslak03.jpg] [lslak04.jpg] [lschelp.jpg] [lschelp02.jpg] [lmurene01.jpg] [lmurene02.jpg]   

The ultimate climax was the weddingproposal I got in a cave on a plastic plate. The text on the plate was in turkish, and I don't speak any turkish... Luckily there were enough translatorsa on board of the boat. And when asked in that way, with a boat full of people waiting for your answer, what else can you say... But it will be clear where the honeymoon is going!

  [lmurene04.jpg] [lmurene05.jpg] [lmurene06.jpg] [lbord01.jpg] [ldans01.jpg] [lanem01.jpg] [lanem02.jpg] [lanem03.jpg]  

By the way, we didn't have any fotographs of this holiday. The underwatercamera refused service after only 3 fotos and the other fotos should have been scanned. So finally the video, which was already formed to an dvd was taken to pick some frames of it. 

[lherm01.jpg] [ljoh02.jpg] [lgrot03.jpg] [lberg01.jpg] [lmurene03.jpg] [lwrak05.jpg] [lgrot05.jpg]

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